5 daily habits to groom your children smarter

In this competitive environment, parents are often concerned about their children’s development.

It is believed that early engagement of cognitive stimulation will enhance children’s mental capabilities!

Wish to learn some best practical guides on how to enhance your children’s cognitive skills? 

Adopt 5 daily habits to groom your children smarter.

  1. Eat a good breakfast
    • A growing child needs a good nutritious breakfast which will help better memory and attention focus.
  2. Unstructured playtime should be mandatory
    • This helps to promote and develop multiple invaluable skills. It encourages children to be creative, imaginative, and innovative.
  3. Encourage early bedtime
    • A good balance of play and sleep time will help children to perform better in language, mathematics, and reading.
  4. 20 minutes daily physical exercise
    • Exercise enhances cognitive flexibility and boosted learning memory performance.
  5. Play educational toys
    • Improve hand-eye coordination, problem-solving ability, reasoning, pattern recognition, quick thinking and reacting, memory, and spatial perception.

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