Why cognitive development plays a vital role in early childhood development ?

It refers to the various forms of non-verbal communication including:

  • postures
  • gestures
  • facial expressions
  • eye movements

Its learnt through observation, repeated practice and response and the brain develops when it’s gets practiced

  • Parents can provide experiences that allow children to strengthen their emotional intelligence muscles

By connecting symbolism with real-life objects it helps the child project its imagination through role play.

  • It teaches children how to link items to shapes, giving them basic association skills which they adapt to the comprehension of forms within imagery.

Children learn through association to inform ideas by using representatives.

  • This compliments the strategy in which children learn to link objects and forms by interacting with first hand experiences as an introduction to symbols in images.

Learning is accomplished by being given tasks that children are almost able to do themselves but need help from others in order to achieve.

  • After receiving guidance children will be able to do the task individually and therefore be ready to advance to a higher level of skill.

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