Why excessive screen time is detrimental to your children

Parents! Please stop doing this to your children!!

Have you ever let your children play with IPAD/ phones & tablets all day just for convenience?

Studies have shown that 「 Excessive Screen Time 」has many negative impacts on your children.

These problems are not what parents want for their children and are problems that parents should pay full attention to!

According to research, there are at least 3 MAIN NEGATIVE IMPACTS to 「 Excessive Screen Time 」

  1. Overexposure to blue light will affect your child’s eyesight adversely! It causes lazy eys, glaucoma, myopia and etc.
  2. Sleep disturbances may occur in early childhood which manifests behavioral problems and learning difficulties.
  3. Causing limitations on brain development such as thinking habits, observational skills, creativity and etc.

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